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In 1970, Cecil Holley returned to his roots as a Depression-era, Texas farm boy when he
purchased a cattle and alfalfa ranch in Dayton, NV.  Now 40 years later, Cecil’s grandson
Rob Holley, along with Rob’s wife, Loni, and their three children, have begun to farm the
Holley Ranch with the purpose of providing locally and organically-produced vegetables and
eggs, as well as limited on-farm sales of organically-fed, slow-grown frier/broiler chickens
and natural beef (no hormones, anti-biotics or pesticides).

The Holley’s keep the majority of their laying hens in a mobile coop (made primarily of
recycled building materials) that is moved daily to give their birds access to fresh, irrigated
grass pasture.  Supplemented with all organic feed, the hens diet on fresh grass, worms
and bugs.  Their scratching and foraging breaks up manure left by grazing cattle, and the
chicken droppings fertilize and improve the pastures.

Vegetables grown by the Holleys include sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers and chilis, okra,
summer and winter squash, pumpkins, melons, beans and peas, cucumbers, carrots,
radishes, beets, greens, onions, garlic, and potatoes.  Because of the diversity of their
farm, the Holleys are able to utilize most of their own products in order to sustain their
operation.  Their garden soil is mulched with alfalfa hay cut on the ranch and fed with
compost produced on-site from old hay, manure, chicken litter, discarded vegetables and
other organic vegetable wastes.